Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance is essentiall. Substandard workmanship and cheap roofing materials can cause premature failure, and lead to expensive emergency roof repairs.

Investing a little more for quality regular maintenance can prevent these problems from occurring down the line.

Our Inspection Checklist

  • Check gutter and outlets are free from debris
  • Puddles and blisters - the householder will need to record the size and position to assess whether they are getting larger
  • Check upstand and adjacent details for problems.
  • Protective finish - remedy bare patches as necessary
  • Upstands and flashing - check condition
  • Joints - check condition
  • Edge Trims - check condition
  • Sagging of decks and/or joists - check condition

When we perform maintenance on your roof we only use the best quality materials and the utmost care is taken to provide the highest standard of craftsmanship.

We recommend:

  • Limit Access To Roof

    Unless the roof is designed for it. If occasional access is required, e.g. for window cleaning, make sure that temporary boards are used unless the roof surface is designed to accept it.

  • Roof Inspection

    Inspection twice a year, in March and November. Try to do one inspection soon after rain, to see how well the water is draining away.

It is very important that this is done by a Competent Person able to determine the condition of the deck, and whether it is safe to step onto the roof. FREEPHONE 0800 043 9112