Statement of Health, Safety and Welfare Policy

  1. It is the firm policy of this Company to take all reasonable steps to ensure the Safety, Health and Welfare of all employees in fulfilment of its moral, legal and economic responsibilities. These measures will also be aimed at protecting others who may be affected by our day to day working activities.
  2. It is a Management function to provide the right circumstances under which work may be carried out safely. However, all employees must understand that they have a legal duty not only to work in a safe manner, but also to co-operate with the Management in any efforts to carry out their responsibilities.
  3. The Company will maintain close co-operation with Clients, Suppliers, Sub- Contractors, Health and Safety Executive and Safety Advisors to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable that procedures and practices are satisfactory. The Company will ensure that every possible assistance is given to Clients in regard to Safety requirements.
  4. The Company will make every reasonable effort to promote amongst its employees a genuine awareness of Safety Matters and to create an understanding of the importance of safe working practices and the use of protective clothing and Safety aids.
  5. Employees will be encouraged to involve themselves fully in the Safety activities and the reporting of unsafe conditions or practices. Particular importance will be paid to the requirements of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, and employees will be required to abide by the assessments made by the Company.
  6. The Company will establish appropriate documentation, procedures and will define responsibility and accountability for Safety at all levels. The Company have appointed Mr M Jones, MIOSH, RSP, MaPS, Health and Safety Consultant, Safety and Training Services to assist and advice the company on health, safety and welfare matters. The Health and Safety Consultant will attend meetings with management to review and update arrangements relating to any changes in health and safety legislation.
  7. Mr Brian Byese, Managing Director has been appointed by the company to be the Director responsible for health and safety and to co-ordinate health and safety matters within the organisation.
  8. The Company will permit such Safety representation as prescribed under the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977 and the Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations 1996 and will consult with such Safety representatives on all matters appertaining to Health and Safety.
  9. The Company will ensure adequate resources both in monetary and time to ensure that health and safety legislation is fully met.
  10. This policy statement may be amended, monitored and added to from time to time, and a copy will be issued to all employees. In addition, a copy will be displayed at Head Office. The policy will be amended at intervals not exceeding twelve months.