Flat Roofing

When it comes to flat roofs, you need a specialist. When your roof needs some maintenance or you need roof repairs to put right something that has worn out, then you need to know that they’re always done to the highest standard.

As flat roof specialists, that’s what we provide: quality guaranteed.

Getting a new roof is an expensive undertaking. You don’t want it to start leaking, and the last thing you want is for it to collapse and for you to need a new roof entirely.

Regular maintenance and repairs can prevent problems from occurring and fix the ones that do.

Benefits To You

  • 50 Years Guarantee On BUTYL Rubber Roof
  • Roof Inspection Report
  • Roofing Estimate & Proposal
  • Pre Construction Checklist
  • Roof Contract
  • Job Completion & Roof Certification
  • Insurance Contingency

As flat roofing requires less materials and labour than a pitched roof, flat roofing is often more affordable, so is a perfect choice for those on a tight budget.

We provide a 50 year guarantee on our rubber flat roof installations.

Flat Roof Specialists

Why Choose a Flat Roof?

A flat roof can be beneficial for homeowners who are wanting to make the most of their space – unlike a sloping roof, a flat roof allows all of the height in the rooms below to be used, keeping the home interior light and airy. A flat roof is also a good option for those who are considering adding a roof terrace or garden to their property, with the level ground making access easy.

Will My Roof Be Guaranteed?

Reputable roofing contractors will offer a guarantee on their flat roof installations, but the length of time the roof will last for will vary between independent contractors.

We provide a 20 year guarantee on all felted roofs and our 50 year guarantee on our rubber roof installations.

Do Flat Roofs Pool Water?

No, a good quality flat roof will not pool water! Standing water is an indication of blocked drainage or of an old roof reaching the end of its lifespan and is not a common occurrence for flat roofing in good condition. Flat roofing would not be a popular option today if pooling water was a valid and ongoing issue.

We’re flat roofing specialists

When you need a flat roof repaired, come to us. If you don’t get a flat roof specialist in you might find yourself with sub-par quality, needlessly expensive techniques, and work that won’t even last very long or hold up very well. What we provide is a few tried and tested options that will ensure that your flat roof repairs are high quality, low cost, and long-lasting.