Felt Roofing

Protect your most valuable investment with the installation of a new felt roof.

Locally owned and managed, Abbey Roofing installs state-of-the-art, energy- efficient residential felt roofs for North London, West London and Hertfordshire areas.

A new felt roof means that you can enjoy energy conservation as well as health benefits from cleaner air.

Your roof can be worn and weakened by mold from surrounding trees and plants, stained with age and develop cracks from extreme heat.

Benefits To You

  • Prevent Costly Damage to Your Home

    Your roof stands up to the challenges posed by fluctuating temperatures, destructive hurricanes, animals, insects and birds, and the natural wear and tear caused by age.

  • Improve external structure & indoor beauty

    Leaks in your roof weaken the external structure of your home and disfigure interior finishes.